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WF2100 - Standard Acoustical Room Divider for Churches
In churches, offices, hotel meeting venues, or assisted living facilities—this is the accordion door most people turn to when they want to close off part of a room and reduce noise*, without paying through the nose. Woodfold's Series 2100 partition features an acoustic lining and exclusive heavy-duty hardware. The full-perimeter seal system features a vinyl sweep system on top and bottom, acoustically sealed track, and interlocking jamb molding with sound gasket, which also reduce heat loss and air exchange between rooms. Mounted from an overhead track with all hardware included, the 2100 can be tailored to your exact specifications, including size, latches, and finish. Choose from a variety of attractive hardwood and Vinyl-Lam finishes for this double-sided door, or talk to our pros about custom murals and fabric coverings. Find your perfect match under the Decorative Options and Color & Wood Selector tabs.
  • Accordion door dividers are made to fit YOUR openings at no extra charge.
  • Any height opening up to 10' 1" (wood) or 12'1" (vinyl) x any width. (For wide openings select intermediate rolling posts)
  • Choose from wood laminate or vinyl lam finish
  • Divider hangs from track attached to ceiling 
  • This divider is good for partitioning space visually as well as offering a moderate level of sound reduction as the openings between the divider and track at the top and bottom utilize sweep seals to close the gaps.
  • Please see the tabs at bottom of page for product details
Enter the exact dimensions of your opening here, be sure to designate WIDTH, TALLEST HEIGHT (measure height in several spots across the span).
Sound doors have a serrated bottom sweep strip, which will be trimmed when installing.


Pricing is SIMPLE!


Replace the "zero" in ONE of the boxs below, with your WIDTH of opening- in whole lineal feet- (i.e. opening is 8ft high and 22ft wide, enter 22 in the box "Opening Height up to 8'1", )

Price will be calculated at bottom of page. 

ENTER Opening WIDTH in WHOLE FOOT Rounded Up (i.e. 15, 20, etc.)

Other Options - -
Lock Options - -
Choose Color - Computer Screens may not accurately render images. If you would like a sample of the color you have chosen, please indicate so below.
Price per Lin Ft
Free Shipping Orders Over $150 that ship UPS!
Series 2100: Acoustical Partitions If reducing noise is as important as adding good looks to a space, and economy's a factor too, here's the door most people turn to. Woodfold's Series 2100 single-wall acoustic partitions are ideally suited to spaces where, in addition to closing off part of a room, some degree of sound reduction* is desired. In restaurants, churches, offices, assisted living facilities, almost anywhere, this durable accordion door serves to reconfigure a space at a moment's notice, minimize distracting noise, and also, thanks to full-perimeter seal system, lessen heat loss and air exchange between rooms.

Series 2100 Product Specifications

  • Panels: 4¼" wide by ¼" thick; available in Vinyl-Lam and hardwood veneer faces, front and back
  • Panel Connectors: Flexible vinyl, color-coordinated to panel selection
  • Track: 2" x 1-1/8" aluminum, dark bronze, or clear finish
  • Sound Seal: Flexible vinyl sweep strips mounted top and bottom, with wood molding mounted on both sides of the track, forming a 4-7/8" wide sweep surface
  • Wheels: Nylon wheels on steel axle with ball bearings supplied as standard
  • Lead Post: ¾" x 2¾" aluminum, color-coordinated to panel connectors
  • Jamb Molding: 1-5/8" wide by 1" deep aluminum
  • Latch: Dead latch with thumb turn on two sides; key locks or magnetic catch options available
  • Handle: Molded PVC with finger access
  • Width: Custom crafted to any width
  • Height: Vinyl-Lam up to 12'1"; hardwoods up to 10'1"
  • Stacking Space: 1¼" per foot, plus 2¾" for lead post
  • WEIGHT: 8ft height is 12lbs per lin ft. 10ft height is 15lbs per lineal foot. 12ft height is 18 lbs per lineal foot.

* Field Sound Transmission Class: The Series 2100 door has a field sound transmission class rating of (FSTC) 21. Field tests were performed by Bruck, Richards & Chaudiere, Inc. of Seattle, Washington, following the procedures specified in ASTM designation E 336-77.


How to Order Church Room Dividers

Dividers are sold by the lineal foot. So if room is 20ft wide you have 20 lin feet. Put “20” in the correct pricing box and it gives you the price at bottom of page

There are 3 pricing boxes based on ceiling height
Box 1- Height up to 8’1
Box 2-Height 8’1-10’1
Box 3-Height 10’1 to 12ft

Dividers can be made as a single door or as a pair (i.e. 2ea 10ft sections to make up a 20ft opening. )

We think the Thumb latch is better for churches than the keylock as you don’t have to worry about a lost key

We carry 4 types of dividers
The WF240 is the basic church room divider…there is a gap at the top where it hangs from track of about 3/8” + a ½” gap at bottom to allow for uneven floors. Due to the gap there is minimal sound reduction with the series 240. (imagine your opening covered with a 5/16" sheet of plywood but with gaps at the top and bottom)

WF 2100 is the entry level sound reduction divider (not sound proof) can still hear talking but the noise level is reduced. Vinyl seals at top and bottom help reduce sound and airflow. (imagine your opening covered with a 5/16" sheet of plywood with vinyl seals to cover the gaps at the top and bottom)

WF 3300 is a double walled unit so it provides more sound reduction than the 2100 series but  is still not sound proof. Vinyl seals at top and bottom help reduce sound and airflow.(imagine your opening covered with 2 sheets of 5/16" sheet of plywood with a half-inch air gap between the sheets and vinyl seals to cover the gaps at the top and bottom)

WF4100 is a double walled unit with extra sound dampening material in between the panels. Vinyl seals at top and bottom help reduce sound and airflow.(imagine your opening covered with 2 sheets of 5/16" sheet of plywood with a half-inch air gap plus heavy, sound dampening material between the sheets and vinyl seals to cover the gaps at the top and bottom). The WF4100 is close in sound reduction to a regular drywall interior wall.

All track and mounting hardware is included with the dividers. 

Room dividers feature Free Shipping to the church.

We do not provide installation or recommend installers but installation of room dividers is not difficult. Provided you have adequate ceiling structure (the track must screw into ceiling joists) most dividers can be installed using competent volunteer labor on a Saturday.