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LM-ADVENT/SHELL - Advent Oil Candle Shells Set Of 4-STOCK

3 Stock sizes available for immediate shipment

  • Use with either refillable or pre-filled oil cannisters
  • Nylon shell candle is easy to use. Simply drop the cannister in the hole
  • Made of Indestructible nylon and practicallly indestiqguishable from real candles
  • Available in 3 Stock sizes. (Custom sizes available-see LM-ADVCUSTOM)
  • Colors Include:  Purple/Pink,  Blue/Pink,  All purple,  All blue
  • Oil candles use our safe, clean burning liquid paraffin
  • Optional decorative brass followers available (not required)
  • Optional Christ candle available in a variety of sizes
  • Optional Brass Stand sold separate (scroll down to bottom of page)
Advent Shells Set Size - Choose the size of your candles
Candle Color - Select your color
Christ Candle - Select Christ Candle Size from Drop Down Menu
Oil Cannisters - Oil Cannisters are required with these Advent Candle Shells. You can use either REFILLABLE or DISPOSABLE (pre-filled) cannisters.

Enter quantity desired in box below:
Price per Each
Our beautiful handcrafted advent oil candle shells are the perfect complement to your advent services. Eliminate messy wax drippage with these clean burning, advent oil candles that will never burn down or break! Candles have a threaded hole in bottom and come with adaptors for popular size screw threads. Either slide the candles into your existing sockets (like wax candles) or use the threaded adaptors- simply unscrew your sockets and screw in our candles.

Oil Candle Appearance
  • Our liquid paraffin oil candles are handcrafted of quality nylon, look just like real beeswax candles and are practically indestructible.

How Oil Candle Shells Work 
  • Simply drop a cannister of oil into the shell and light!
  • Shells available in 3 diameters (for smaller diameters, please see the refillable Advent sets here)
    • 1-7/8" diameter - holds a 25 hour cannister
    • 2-5/8" diameter - holds a 25 or 45 hour cannister
    • 3-1/2" diameter - holds a 25, 45 or 70 hour cannister
  • The follower (brass top) is purely decorative. Oil is in a removable cannister that will work with or without the follower.
  • Cannisters available pre-filled (disposable) or as refillable cans.

Oil Candle Ordering
  • You can order to fit your existing candlestick sockets or order our exact-fit sockets, made to fit the candle you are purchasing.
  • All candles are manufactured with a straight base. 
  • Custom modifcation is available to accomodate any size socket upon request.
  • Custom heights and diameters also available. 
  • Please email for information on custom ordering
About our Oil
  • Only use genuine, made in the USA LIQUID PARAFFIN with your Lux Mund oil candles.
  • Liquid paraffin is not the same product as lamp oil found in many hadware or specialty stores.
  • Our Liquid Paraffin is designed to give clean, odorless and irritation free burning.

Do you need NEW Sockets or can you use your existing ones?

Candle Sockets or cups as they are sometimes called, are the round tube-shaped fittings on church candlesticks that hold the candles. If you are switching from wax candles to oil or liquid paraffin candles, then you already have sockets on your existing candlestick. The questions is, "Will the old sockets hold our new oil candles?"

The answer depends. If you are purchasing the same diameter oil candle as you were buying in wax variety, (i.e. replacing 1-1/2" diameter wax candles with 1-1/2" oil candles) then check to see if your wax candles slide in and out of the socket easily or if they bind and take a little bit of work to insert into the socket. If they go in and out easily, then most likely the oil candles will too.

If the wax candles bind or are difficult to insert in the socket, then check to see if there is a build-up of wax on the inner walls. You may need to scrape away the old wax, or take the socket off and submerse the socket (never the candlestick) in a pot of warm to hot water to loosen the wax. (You can also use a hairdryer.) Once the wax is soft, wipe away as much as you can and dry everything thouroughly. Now, try to insert the wax candles. If they slide in easily, it should be okay to order your new oil candles without sockets.

If you still have difficulty or it requires the slightest bit of effort to insert the wax candle, then you probably need to order new sockets to hold your oil candles.

How the Sockets Attach

In the picture below, note the new brass socket next to the oil candle. The socket has a threaded hole and comes with 2 adaptors in the most common size threading (3 are shown but we typically send two: 1/4-20 and 5/16-18, while the socket itself has a 3/8-16 threaded hole, so you have 3 options). Find the correct size adaptor for your candlestick and then simply screw the adaptor into the bottom of the socket. Your socket can now be screwed down on to your candlestick.

You can also screw your candles directly to your candlesticks / holders. See Below.

Round out your Advent candles with these accessories - Optional Accessories
Regular Price$855.00
Sale Price$805.00