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Heater Accessories

Heater Accessories

We offer baptistry filters, skimmers and water sanitizers. 

Our cartridge filter is used to remove debris (hair, trash, etc.) from the water while our UV baptistry sanitizer is used to kill bacteria.

We suggest you get both if you are planning on leaving water in the pool for more than a couple of days.

  • 10 sq. ft. Cartridge
  • EZ Flow Basket
  • Flow Control Diverter Plate
  • Trim Plate - White
  • Mounting Gasket
  • Baptistry water filter and skimmer filters debris from the baptistry pool
  • Removeable, user cleanable cartridge
  • Keeps baptistry water clear by filtering debris, particles, hair, the surface of the water
  • Use in conjunction with appropriate chemicals to keep water sanitized
  • Inline baptistry water filter. Plumbs in to the circulation loop between heater and pool.
  • Removeable, user cleanable cartridge
  • Helps keeps baptistry water clear by filtering suspended particles and debris from the water. 
  • Extends life of heating equipment
  • Use in conjunction with chemicals to keep water cleam and sanitized
  • Use care when tightening the filter head. Overthightening the filter head can cause it to crack.
  • 1-1/2" input and output connections
  • Note: This is not a surface skimming filter. To remove floating debris, you will need to skim the surafce or purchase the CR-610 Skimming Filter.
  • Baptistry water filter and skimmer filters floating debris from the baptistry pool
  • Removeable, user cleanable cartridge
  • Keeps baptistry water clear by filtering debris, particles, hair, the surface of the water
  • Use in conjunction with appropriate chemicals to keep water sanitized
  • For larger built-in baptistries
A WaterPro Ozone generator used in a Baptistery, can destroy parasites, bacteria, and other pathogens. Suggested use is around 4 hours per day but always have your water tested to be sure the unit is doing the proper job.

1. A WaterPro Baptistry ozonator will oxidize numerous contaminants in your water.
The ozone that becomes infused with your water when using a WaterPro Baptistry ozonator will oxidize numerous foreign contaminants that are commonly found in Baptisteries. You can eliminate deodorant, soap, perfume, makeup, hand lotions and creams, hair spray and sunblock. It will work with other products to kill pathogenic germs, bacteria, and viruses that may be present as well.

2. A WaterPro Baptistry ozonator enhances the use of chemicals.
If you use the Baptismal only on occasion, then a WaterPro ozonator offers the potential to be a chemical-free cleaning system for you.  If you use the Baptismal for long periods of time you will find that this addition works well when there is also chlorine or bromine in the water.  The ozone works to break down harmful chemicals that can be in the Baptismal, creating dissolved solids that can be removed by a filtering process.  That leaves the water feeling smoother, appearing clearer, and being cleaner when you have a Baptismal service.

3. A WaterPro Baptistry ozonator is surprisingly affordable.
Our WaterPro Corona Discharge (CD) technology provides against the cost of the chemicals you are using and you’ll find that it’s a reasonable investment paying for itself quickly with cleaner water and fewer chemicals.  Even if you continue to use chemicals with your Baptistry, the ozone frees up the work that the chlorine and bromine can do for you.

4. A WaterPro Baptistry ozonator is easy to install on most Baptisteries.
You will be surprised by how easy it is to add an ozonator to most Baptisteries.  You will first need to physically install the unit under or near your Baptistry, depending on your setup.  Make sure there is plenty of room for airflow around the ozone generator.  Then install the check valve.  You will need to install an Ozone Injector Assembly and you may need a professional contractor for this step.  Then you will need to create a Hartford loop to prevent backflow.

5. A WaterPro Baptistry ozonator can reduce your water consumption habits.
Although you will want to change out the water in your Baptismal before you install an ozonator, you will discover that this unit will reduce the number of swaps that you must make to maintain your Baptismal.  If you use standard chemicals to disinfect the water and operate your Baptismal 24/7, then you will typically need to replace the water about once per quarter. Owners who equip an ozonator to their model can go up to 1 year before they need to change their water.

If you use an ozonator in a liquid environment, such as a Baptistry, then it can reduce (or eliminate) the contaminants that might be in the water.  It forms where there are three oxygen atoms that are bound together instead of having just two.
If you have ever smelled that faint, almost sweet scent that floats in the air during a thunderstorm, then you have encountered ozone.

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All baptistry heaters should be plugged or wired into GFI protected outlets or circuits. All wiring must be done to all National and Local Electric codes by qualified electricians.