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Immersion Heaters

Immersion Heaters

Immersion heaters are designed for use in portable baptistries or smaller in-place baptism pools. Simply plug your immersion heater into a GFI protected 120v or 240v outlet for instant heating, with no plumbing required.

See our Water Heating Chart to help pick the right heater for your baptistry pool

120V or 240V - Baptistry Immersion Water Heater Specifications
  • Simple and safe baptistry heater -No plumbing required.
  • Available in two voltages:
    • 120V for small, portable baptistries. 120v WILL NOT HEAT POOLS OVER 100 gallons
    • 240 volt for larger, built-in baptistries. 240v FOR POOLS OVER 100 Gallons up to 800 Gallons
    • 240v is 6000 watts, 25amps and requires a 30 amp breaker
  • Simply stick the bottom part of the unit in the water and turn it on
  • Adjustable thermostat with range from 55° to 104° F.
  • INCLUDES BUILT-in GFCI protection
  • 6ft power cord (120v has standard plug/240v has NEMA 6-30 plug)
  • AS of 3/11/22 please allow 2-4 weeks for delivery
  • Made in USA
  • Easy to use immersion heater for small, portable baptistries (150 gallons max)
  • NOTE: This heater is not powerful enough to heat a built-in baptistry
  • No Plumbing Required- Simply hang on side of baptistry with included clip
  • 60" cord plugs in to a standard 110/120v GFCI protected outlet-NOTE MUST BE GFCI PROTECTED.
  • Adjustable thermostat from 55F-115F
  • High limit cutout protects from overheating
  • Incoloy/stainless steel immersion rods for corrosion resistance
  • Includes Stainless Steel mounting bracket
  • Takes about 5-8 hours to heat most portable baptistries (100-150 gallons)
  • For safety, heater MUST be used with a GFCI protected outlet or breaker.
  • UPDATE- DELIVERY IS RUNNING 6-12 weeks due to various supply disruptions.
  • Easy to use baptistry pool Immersion Water Heater
  • THIS WILL NOT PLUG IN TO A STANDARD OUTLET. YOU MUST HAVE A 220/240v OUTLET (Similar to Clothes Dryer Outlet) This model will not work on 208v.
  • Heats 60 GPH with a 40 degree rise or 120 gallons/hour with a 20 degree rise at 240v. current
  • Heat a 1000 gallon baptistry in about 17 hours or less
  • Stainless steel mounting bracket  supplied for easy mounting
  • Thermostat adjusts from 55 to 115 degrees and cuts off when desired temperature is reached
  • High limit cutout protects from overheating
  • ***60" cord plugs into a NEMA 6-30 style outlet (Uses 25 amps)
  • For safety, heater MUST be used with a GFCI protected outlet or breaker.
  • UPDATE- DELIVERY IS RUNNING 6-12 weeks due to various supply disruptions.

  • Heats baptistry pools up to 100-150 gallons only
  • 1000 watts and Operates on 115v (standard household current)
  • Built-in GFCI plug
  • Silicone bumpers to protect baptistry floor
  • Uses 1/3 the electrictiy of other models
  • Simply plug in and drop in! 
  • 24 hours to heat the portable baptistry water
  • UPDATE. This has been redesigned from the picture and is now about 12" long.

Immersion heaters are best used with portable and other small baptistries. Our 120v version  plugs into a standard 110v outlet and should only be used with portable baptistries as it is slow to heat.

Our 240v immersion heater plugs into a 220v outlet (like a clothes dryer outlet). We recommend the 240v model for walk-in baptistries under 800 gallon capacity and where a built in heater is not practicle or possible.



Q. Is it possible practical to place two immersion heaters in the 300 gallon baptistry simultaneously?

A. It’s not ideal, but we do see churches get two (2) of the 120v immersion heaters, if they do not have 240v service. 240v service is faster and more efficient and will also get the water hotter than 2 of the 120v heaters ever will, but if you do not have 240v service, then you really don’t have a lot of other choices. While two 120v immersion heaters may not ever get your water to a "warm" temperature, it may be just enough to take the edge off. If you can have a 240v outlet installed, it will probably be cheaper than buying two heaters and will certainly get the water hotter than two 120v heaters.

We are looking for a heater for our baptistery. We have a single tank unit which is approximately 120 gallons. We are needing to heat the baptistery just prior to a ceremony. Are the immersion heaters recommended for this type of application.  We do not keep the baptistery filled. 

An immersion heater should be fine for 120 gallons. The 120v baptistry will probably not get the water hot, but will warm it up and take the edge off.
The 240v heater has more heating capacity (3x) but you have to have a 240v service outlet nearby. Keep in mind the 120v will heat 100 gallons by 30 degrees in 8-9 hours.

Troubleshooting a Baptistry Immersion Heater. If your Immersion Heater is not working, please go through this checklist. If the heater is still not working please email us your answers to these questions along with a picture of your heater showing the MFG badge with date/model #


  1. Did the heater ever work, even briefly?
  2. Is the temperature dial turned to the highest setting? 
  3. Is the GFCI tripping or able to be re-set?
  4. When you push the GFCI reset does it click or do anything?
  5. Is the power light coming on at all, even briefly? 
  6. Did the power light ever come on, even briefly? 
  7. What size (amp)  and type (single, split)  breaker is in the church’s electrical panel? 
  8. Are there any other loads on the circuit while the heater is being used? 
  9. Is there a GFCI on either the breaker or the outlet? 
  10. If yes to 10 is the other GFCI tripped?
  11. Have you confirmed correct wiring and voltage at the outlet? 
  12. What voltage is running to the heater? 
  13. Have you checked for a loose ground or reversed wire at the outlet?