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Perfect for smaller churches, we have a number of small steeples that are strong, lightweight and easy to install.

These smaller steeple units are among the most popular we sell.
Traditional models utilize one-piece construction which makes them strong yet still relatively light weight so installation is quick and easy.
As they ship by MotorFreight, standard steeples are not subject to our free shipping offer.

Product Categories

Common CHURCH STEEPLE Questions and Answers

How tall should our steeple be?
  We generally recommend that you order a steeple that is the same height as your building (roof top to ground). Base width is typically about 1/10 of the building width, but if these ratios don't work with your particular building, you should usually use the height of the roof as more of a guide than the base width.


What steeple accessories should we consider? All most all of our steeples and cupolas can be customized with a variety of options including:

  • Lightning protection
  • false louvers
  • real louvers which accommodate bells and chimes
  • windows featuring colored glass or Krinkle glass
  • interior lighting
  • moldings
  • and of course we offer spire crosses and balls

What details do we need to provide when ordering? We need to know:

  • Roof pitch
  • Roofing material  (shingle, metal with standing seems, etc.)
  • Type of roof (ridge, hip, gable, etc.)
  • Number of ridges
  • What's underneath the roof? (Only needed if we are quoting installation. We need to know if there is attic access and the type of ceiling and suports- i.e. attic with rafters, cathedral ceiling, etc.)

Who does the installation?
We offer factory installation on many of our AS model steeple units, although most of them are easy to install yourself, using basic basic carpentry skills. With the smaller steeples, we recommend you install them yourself. If your church is blessed to have a few "handy-men" in the membership, a typical small steeple installation is a half-day job at most.

Factory installation is not available on our FSI units, these will be shipped to your church, usually on a factory truck, for self installation.

We also work with independent installation contractors and will be happy to discuss the options available to you for installation.

Many churches choose to work with a local roofing company, as they typically have the skills and equipment access to do the job properly.

Do you have installation instructions?
Yes, we are happy to email you comprehensive instruction sheets and directions to help you install your steeple.

How do you deal with the standing seams on metal roofs?
We need to know the height so that any bracing in the steeple will be above the seams. The installer will (yours or ours) will cut out the slots for the seams when he does the install.

How do we get the steeple on the roof?
The small 10-12 ft. models can sometimes be hoisted from the back of a truck, if the roof is low enough. You will want to have plenty of manpower and take precautions to protect the steeple as you slide it up and over the roof edge. MEDIUM size steeples from 14-25 ft can usually be lifted with a cherry picker or bucket truck. Be sure to follow safety procedures and adhere to weight limitations of the boom arm. LARGE steepls typically require the use of a crane. Depending on the specifics of your installation, factory cranes may be provided or the services of a local rental crane may be more efficient. Do NOT hoist a steeple from the tip of the spire as this is usually the weakest point and is not built to serve as a hoist point. Use wrap straps and hoist similar to the picture below

What color should we order our steeple?

White is the overwhelming favorite color and standard offering for our steeples. For an additional charge however, we can produce your steeple in a custom color of your choice. Some basic colors can be mixed in with the gel coat during manufacturing. Since our gel-coat finishes are permanently molded into the surface of the steeples' fiberglass laminate, this ensures a long lasting color which resists fading and peeling. An expanded selection of colors can be applied by the factory using special paints. Please contact us for more information if you want a steeple color other than white.

What maintenance is required on our steeple?
Several months after installation, you may want to recheck the fit around the roof edge to make sure everything is tight. If an installation mistake was made when you installed the steeple, it may not show until the steeple has gone thru a variety of weather and temperature cycles.

If dirt, pollen, mildew, etc. start to buold up on your steeple, you can power wash the exterior. It's a good idea to apply a fiberglass wax to the steeple after washing, in order to extend the life of the finish. Some areas may call for more frequent waxing and washing than others so we recommend cleaning on "as needed" basis but before the unit starts to appear visibly soiled if possible.

Can we paint the steeple?
After the steeple has been up for a few years, the constant exposure to the sun's ultraviolet rays may dull the finish, or cause the color to fade or change. Polishing the surface with automotive compound followed by paste wax can bring back the shine and luster. If a new color is desired, the steeple can be painted in much the same way a fiberglass car body would be painted, by lightly sanding the finish and applying paint with a professional quality spray gun.

How do we choose the right steeple for our church?

  1. The first step is to determine the height of your church's roof from the ridge line (where the steeple will sit) to the ground. Use this number as a guide and look at steeple models whose height are within a few feet of your roof height.
  2. Next, consider the style and design elements you want in a steeple. If cost is your primary concern, then staying with steeple models that don't have a lot of different elements to them will keep your costs lower without sacrificing quality. Steeples with cupolas, louvers, windows and other design elements add to the beauty of a steeple, but also add to the cost. I generally recommend that if you have a simple church design, try to stay with a simple steeple. If your church is larger and more elaborate, then try to pick a unit that visually matches the building.
  3. Choose a color. White and bone are standard, with white being the most popular, however other steeple colors are available for an upcharge.
How much does a steeple for our church cost?
  1. STEEPLE PRICING: Most of our steeples are priced online. You can click on the steeple picture to go to the ordering page. Here you will see the steeple price at the bottom of the page, along with a list of Steeple Options and available window selections and options. The cost of your steeple is comprised of the steeple unit cost, any options desired, a delivery charge and installation cost, if available (see Steeple Installation).
  2. STEEPLE SHIPPING: At the bottom of the item page you will see information on shipping costs. You can calculate shipping costs on some models by googling the distance from the church to the factory location listed and then selecting the appropriate distance from the available options.   On larger steeple models you will be instructed to email us for a quote before ordering. Send us an email with the church name and address along with the Steeple Model Number and we will email you back a shipping quote.

Can you send us a steeple quote?
  1. QUOTES: If you would like a general ballpark, quote for planning or budget purposes, please contact us, we will gladly email you a no obligation quote.
  2. If you need an exact quote with installation, please email us a few pictures of your church showing the church elevation and location where steeple will be mounted, parking lot and access areas so we can see what equipment can be used. PLease also email pictures of the area inside the church (or under  outdoor extensions) directly underneath where the steeple will be located. Be sure to include the church name and full address as well as the steeple model (s) you are interested in us quoting.
  3. Because of our comittment to helping churches save money on furnishings (so it can be put to other uses within the church) we are often told that our pricing is lower than even what the church was quoted directly from the factory.

How do we order a steeple?
  1. Go to the steeple model you want on our website
  2. Click the picture to go to the ordering page (if you are not already there)
  3. Select the Steeple Options desired (Cross, Ball, Lightening protection ,etc.)
  4. Select the window shape (round, square, etc.)
  5. Select the window type (louvres, krinklglas, etc.)
  6. Select the appropriate shipping or pickup option
  7. Enter your roof inormation in the appropriate box - roofing material (if metal roof-provide height of the standing seams) roof type (gable, hip, etc. and number of ridges) roof slope. See below for more information on determing roof slope and type.
  8. Add the steeple to your cart and go thru the checkout process.
  9. Payment is due with the sale on all steeples. Larger steeples may be ordered with a 50% deposit and balance due on ddelivery. (Contact us before ordering to make arrangements)

Roof Types


Roof Pitch

To determine the pitch of your roof, place a level against the roof as shown below. From the point where the level touches the roof, measure out 12 inches. From this point, measure the distance, in inches, down to the roof. This number will be the first number in the roof pitch. The second number will always be 12. For example, the roof pitch pictured here would be expressed as 5" on 12" or 5/12

There are 3 categories

Basic….smaller under 19ft with no options except for cross, ball (decorative..goes under the cross) and lightening protection (check with insurance company and permit office to see if they require…is no guarantee of effectiveness, churches still can burn down with LP but theretically it helps)

Small Church Steeples…under 19ft but available with additional options such as krinklglas windows or working louvres

Large Church Steeple…20ft and up…most available with all options such as various window types, etc.

How does our church go about finding a steeple?

All the steeples are priced online
There are 3 categories
*Basic….smaller under 19ft with no options except for cross, ball (decorative..goes under the cross) and lightening protection (check with insurance company and permit office to see if they require…is no guarantee of effectiveness, churches still can burn down with LP but theretically it helps)
*Small Church Steeples…under 19ft but available with additional options such as krinklglas windows or working louvres
*Large Church Steeple…20ft and up…most available with all options such as various window types, etc.
Most churches will be looking in the 1st 2 categories

Questions to Answer when Starting a Steeple Project

  1. Have you looked at the models on our website and or found any in particular you like?
  2. Are you replacing an existing steeple or is this a 1st time install?
  3. How tall and wide is the church? (Approximate is okay)
  4. All things equal, try to select a steeple that is about same height or 2/3 of roof height (peak) from ground. If church sits down in elevation then go with something taller, if church sits up on a hill then a shorter steeple may be okay. 
  5. The steeple Base width should be about 1/10th of building width but this is general guideline.
  6. AWho is installing? You can usuallu use a roofer or local commercial general contractor
  7. We ocan assist with install and removal services in the Southeast but not Florida
  8. All steeples good up to 120mph (except steeple in a box series which are 90mph)
  9. Coastal areas require higher wind loading…..may need to check with your building dept for exact requirements and let us know when ordering or requesting a quote…generally it costs about $1500 to upgrade most models
  10. We can deliver anywhere in US…please email us  with church name address and steeple model #
  11. If you want an install quote (SE states only) then include pics of the church and parking area
  12. Leadtime is usually 6-8 weeks for most steeples but this can always change.